40529 Equipment Cupboard With Drawer and Shelves

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  • Stainless steel production for operation theatres, intensive care units and for all clinics that keep sterile equipment
  • Stock control possibility at any moment thanks to the glass doors
  • Nine removable drawers that are resistant to heat and cleaning solutions have 20 kg carrying capacity. The height of the drawers can be adjusted and all are made of ABS plastic.
  • The user can organize the small instruments easily thanks to the 24 different sections formed by separators
  • 3 stainless steel shelves for equipment that cannot be placed in drawers
  • 4 adjustable feet for floor balance
  • Dimensions (W x L x H) : 470x1000x1800 mm

Modular Design

  • The modular design of the drawers offers the possibility of separating and organizing sterile and non-sterile equipment in a certain order.
  • The drawers in different depths have high carrying capacity and they are resistant to heat and cleaning solutions.

Integrated Solutions

  • Functional solutions for storing needs with shelves integrated next to the drawers.

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