Colposcope KN-2200A

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Type: Colposcope Digital Imaging System (Digital)

Product and Features

  • Cantilever support, convenient to observe
  • LED light source, ring optical fiber transmission
  • Colposcope software system is compatible with WIN 7 and WIN 8 operating system
  • Colposcope software has many languages available such as Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese,Turkish
  • Zoom, green filter, focus manually and adjust light brightness by hand controller
  • Optional 2.5″ LCD Screen
  • Many combinations of parts and components available for customers to choose


  • Camera System : 1/4” color CCD.Automatic focus
  • Light source Type : LED Light source, LED lamp
  • Resolution : 550 lines
  • Signal Noise Rotio of lens : >=50dB
  • Focusing distance : 20-40mm
  • Magnitication times : 352

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