Vela – Smoke Evaculator

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Special design extending the usage area of operation theatres by positioning Üzümcü electrosurgical device and DE-100 smoke evacuator on an ergonomic, flexible high and stylish stand. Easy use by positioning the combined electrosurgical device and smoke evacuator set freely nearby the surgery area.

Surgical Smoke Discharge

  • Contribution to protecting medical personnel’s health by evacuating smoke, smell and particles occured during electro surgery
  • Smoke discharge system automatically runs when the electrosurgical device is started by synchronizing electrosurgical device and smoke evacuator by radio frequency technology

Smoke Evacuator General Specifications

  • Selection feature for low or high vaccuum
  • Electrosurgical handle mountable smoke discharge hose
  • Filter lifetime indicator
  • 9-phase suction adjustment
  • Smoke evacuator carbon filter
  • Optional manual use

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