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LED Technology

  • High LED technology fulfilling lighting requirements of any kind of operation.
  • Maximum lighting level by single button.
  • LED bulbs of the lamp may be changed individually and have 50.000 hours of lifetime.

Special Head Design

  • Head design with low aerodynamic resistant protecting laminar flow of surgical space.

Sensor Technology & Endoscopy Mode

  • Sensor technology enabling automatic light off of related LED sections and preventing formation of shade on the lighting area when faced with a barrier.
  • Sustainable functionality for endoscopic and minimally invasive surgical procedures by a single light function (endolight function).
  • Adjustable color temperature between 3500-5000 °K.
  • LCD colour touchscreen control panel controlling all functions.

Camera System & Focusing

  • Camera and medical monitor practically integrable with the lamp head for training purposes. It enables monitoring and recording operations.
  • Manual focus function can be adjusted from the handle or the control panel.

Alternative Control Panels

  • 4.3” LCD touchscreen and membrane control panel with led indicators are avaliable for all lamp heads.
  • Model names with “A” refer to Analog membrane control panel and with “D” refer to Digital touchscreen control panel.

Main Lightheads (×2)

  • Diameter of lighthead: Ø650 mm
  • Illumination power, in 1 m: 160.000 Lux
  • Number of LED modules: 68

Satellite Lighthead (×1)

  • Diameter of lighthead: Ø440 mm
  • Illumination power, in 1 m: 120.000 Lux
  • Number of LED modules: 28

Other Specifications

  • Color temperature: 3500 K – 5000 K
  • Color rendering index, Ra CRI: 96%
  • Dimming Range: % 1 – 100
  • Adjustable focus diameter: 120 – 300 mm
  • Temperature increase in surgical area: < 0,5°C
  • Lifetime of LED: 50.000 hour
  • IP: IP 54

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